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Quality control

The requirements for quality control in laboratories are being tightened as many laboratories are choosing to apply for accreditation or work in accordance with GLP. Information and document management is an important area for GLP and ISO, as the laboratories are obliged to constantly maintain systematic documentation.

HH Specialtryk A/S has developed a number of products that can help laboratories to meet these obligations.
Further benefits are gained when forms and help texts, etc. are tailored to the individual laboratory’s requirements and work processes.

Laboratory Notebooks
In development and research contexts, correct documentation can make a significant difference in connection with patenting (“first to invent”) in such places as the USA.
For continuous measurements in production processes or for calibration purposes. The logbooks is adapted to the customer’s actual circumstances down to the smallest detail. The user’s work is made significantly simpler while a uniformly high level of quality in note-entering is guaranteed. 

Quality control 

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